Quantity Surveying

Substantiation of figures is crucial in the engineering and construction business. Middle East Oil Project Services’s experience in quantitative analysis and data gathering has helped building up a record of exemplary assessment manuals and handbooks. Middle East Oil Project Services also conducts constant cost management and Quantity Surveying (QS) during construction projects (Civil engineering, industrial, infrastructure etc …) to ensure a steady and transparent financial reporting, cost control, and budgetary risks assessment during the construction cycle. Middle East Oil Project Services prides itself for having quantity surveyors fully integrated to ensure efficiency in meeting client’s objectives. Middle East Oil Project Services’s Quality Surveying encompasses the following: - Cost Planning & control - Value Engineering & Management - Risk Management - Procurement advice and assistance during the tendering procedures - Commercial Management and Contract Administration - Assistance in dispute resolution - Asset Capitalization - Interim payment assessment - Cost Management process

Middle East Oil Project Services

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