Mechanical Engineering

Middle East Oil Project Services further expands its offering to provide smart, cost effective and customized mechanical engineering services. The compiled years of experience of our engineers in the field stands in the added value and commitment that we pay back our clients. Middle East Oil Project Services has exquisitely integrated mechanical functions with recent technology, positioning itself as a pioneer in the field. Our acknowledged engineers weigh environmental sustainability, water management and safety to deliver environmentally conscious and economically sound projects. Middle East Oil Project Services’s Mechanical Engineering services encompass: - Heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, district cooling, environmental control, and thermal modeling - Building automation, energy management and control: plumbing and fire protection; and air flow, fire and smoke modeling - Industrial controls, instrumentation, process piping, fuel handling and storage facilities, and tunnel ventilation - Computational Fluid Dynamics - Instrumentation Control and Automation - Food and Laundry Facilities Deisgn

Middle East Oil Project Services

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